The ICS Library is open for research, study, and book lending on Wednesdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm. If you have any research- or resource-related questions, or would like to gain access to the library outside of these hours, please don't hesitate to contact our librarian Anita Siraki. The easiest way to get in contact is by email.

ICS Catalogue & UofT Library System

The ICS Library has now fully integrated its catalogue with the University of Toronto catalogue, enabling ICS users to search ICS collections through the UofT catalogue. To search the ICS collection exclusively while using the UofT catalogue, select the Advanced Search option and choose “Institute for Christian Studies” under Search Scope (pictured).

ICS Library Catalogue Home

The ICS Library Catalogue is also searchable online at This catalogue gives the ICS library a search system, permanent URLs, and worldwide discovery. In our online catalogue, you'll be able to find books, journals, periodicals, and other holdings of the ICS library.

If you encounter any difficulties using this system or notice any shortcomings, please contact

Other Research Resources

ICS Institutional Repository home page

Search our Institutional Repository

To find and download theses, articles, papers, and other ICS online materials

ICS Research Portal home page

Visit our Research Portal

For event summaries, audio and video recordings, and lists of books and other works by ICS scholars

University of Toronto library search page

Access the University of Toronto Library System

Available to Junior Members and those with a University of Toronto library card

Google Scholar search page

Use Google Scholar 

To search for scholarly resources on the web