New Journal Issues

Post date: Mar 22, 2011 1:59:53 PM

Christian Courier, no. 2908 (March 14, 2011)

Christianity and Literature, 60 (2), 2011

Contemporary Pragmatism, 7 (2), 2010 [Includes articles: 'Hobbes, Holmes, and Dewey: Pragmatism and the Problem of Order', by F.R. Kellogg; 'On Applying Ethics: Who's Afraid of Plato's Cave?', by E.T. Weber; 'Language and Its Discontents: William James, Richard Rorty, and Interactive Constructivism', by W. Gavin, S. Neubert and K. Reich; 'Pragmatism's Future: a Touch of Prophecy', by J. Margolis]

The Hedgehog Review: Critical Reflections on Contemporary Culture, 13 (1), 2011 [Special issue: The Shifting Experience of Self]

Perspectives: a Journal of Reformed Thought, 26 (2), 2011 [Includes articles: 'Aching Visionaries', by S. Bouma-Prediger; 'Of Metaphysics and Theology', by M. Westphal; 'Creation Dreams and Ecological Nightmares', by B. Walsh]