April 7, 2016 New Journal Issues

Post date: Apr 07, 2016 6:21:0 PM

Christian Courier no. 3030 (March 28, 2016)

Christian Scholar's Review 45, no. 3 (Spring 2016). [Includes articles: 'Discerning the Body in Cyberspace: Jaron Lanier, Merleau-Ponty, and the Norms of Embodiment,' by Justin Bailey ; 'A Self-effacing Gardener: The Unity of God's Activity in Nature and Grace in the Theology of Austin Farrer,' by Jeffrey Vogel ; 'Julian Against Christian Educators: Julian and Basil on a Proper Education,' by Benjamin D. Wayman]

Clarion: the Canadian Reformed Magazine 65, no. 6 (March 25, 2016)