ICS Library Catalogue In New Home

The ICS Library Catalogue is now enjoying its new home at ics.insigniails.com. This upgrade from the previous Inmagic-based catalogue gives the ICS library a new and better search system, permanent URLs and worldwide discovery.

No migration would be complete without a few wrinkles! If you encounter any difficulties using the new system or notice any shortcomings, please contact library@icscanada.edu.

• Search our Library Catalogue to find books, journals, periodicals and other holdings of the ICS library.

• Search our Institutional Repository to find and download theses, articles, papers and other ICS online materials.

• Visit our Research Portal for event summaries, audio and video recordings, and lists of books and other works by ICS scholars.

• Access the University of Toronto Library with your University of Toronto library card.

• Use Google Scholar to search for scholarly resources on the web.